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Supporting Sports


DMP are proud to sponsor our local up and coming competitors and clubs, as a company we believe it is important to get behind our local talent, here are a few of our local clubs and competitors we sponsor. 


Tyrone is a black belt competitor from the North East & head coach at his very own Brazilian jujitsu school . Tyrone is an active competitor and competes internationally at some of the worlds most prestigious competitions. Along with Tyrone’s years of experience & medal collecting he offers new & innovative approaches to teaching.

  • UAE British National Medalist
  • IBJJF London Fall Champion
  • IBJJF Rome Open Medallist
  • Scottish Nationals Champion
  • Tuff Invitational Competitor
  • Tanko Submission Championship Competitor

Megan Pick

BJJ Grey and White belt.

Megan has been training bjj for 2 years now and last year competed for her first time where she came away with a silver medal

Max Pick

BJJ Grey and White belt.

Max has been training for two years now and competed in two competitions and received silver medals on both occasions.