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    “I have worked with Darren at DMP and his team on a couple of offshore projects now and really enjoyed working with them. Darren and his team are very well organised and thorough at the works carried out. I would also say it’s probably one of the best bunch of guys I’ve worked alongside.”

    “Having worked for Darren from DMP Consultancy for many years now on various projects ranging from cable installations to secondary works, I am extremely confident that I can give an honest and accurate review of his working methods.

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    Although Darren is very firm in his management style I have always found working in one of his teams very rewarding. He sets specific and challenging targets but also provides the guidance and leadership to ensure all tasks are accomplished both timely and safely.

    Darren is highly organised and has great communication skills and I have always been very impressed with the way that he approaches each project I have worked for him on. ”

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    “I am currently on my second project for DMP Ltd carrying out various route clearance works such as PLGR, boulder clearance and de-burial of out of service HV array cables.

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    In order to work for DMP you have to undergo a vigorous but friendly competency interview in order to ascertain you will provide excellency and value in your position. The positives of this comprehensive screening process is that the client gets very high calibre, very experienced personnel. Similarly, as a contractor you are safe in the knowledge that your fellow colleagues are also highly experienced and very good at what they do in each of their positions.

    This recruitment process results in a happy client & workforce and a safe, efficient completion of individual work scopes and overall project completion. It is also what sets DMP Ltd apart from most of the other companies supplying personnel in the offshore wind industry. DMP strive to provide excellency and value to the client.

    Darren is very well known for all the right reasons in the offshore wind industry and is very knowledgeable about the various construction phases. He understands the importance of supplying the correct personnel for the job. Laura does an amazing job with regards to the logistics of getting everyone timely & safely to the job and back as well as being fantastic with all the associated administrative tasks involved with the projects.

    I would highly recommend working for DMP Ltd and I hope to continue the great working relationship I have between Darren, Laura and my fellow colleagues for the foreseeable future.”

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